Name: Whitney
Residence: Spain
Date of birth: approx. April 1st, 2021
Breed: Border Collie Cross
Gender: Female
Expected size: Large
Character: Friendly, playful, curious
Placement with children: Yes
Social with dogs: Yes
Placement with cats: Unknown
Energy level: Normal
Toilet trained: Yes
Can be alone for a few hours: After habituation
Microchip: Yes
Sterilized/castrated: Yes
Dewormed: Yes

Before traveling to her new family, Whitney will be fully vaccinated according to European standard guidelines (incl. Rabies), will be microchipped and have her own EU passport. Before traveling to her new home, Whitney will get another full health check from the vet.
Her adoption fee is 395 euros and includes a safety harness, collar, and lead.

Whitney is a beautiful Border Collie cross puppy and is staying at Alora Dog Rescue in Spain.
At the beginning of April, a farmer contacted us that a pregnant Mastin was walking around his place. We went to look for her but we couldn’t find her. A few days later we received a message that she was coming to eat at the farmer’s place again and that according to him she had given birth to her puppies. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack so we agreed that he would continue to feed her. A while later, the farmer called that he had found the puppies and offered shelter for the mother and the puppies. When the puppies were 2 months old they came to us. Mama was very welcome to stay with the farmer and has been sterilized.
Whitney is a cheerful girl who walks well on a leash, she is good with other dogs and people. Before you send an application for adoption, please note that we are looking for a home for Whitney where she gets the understanding and time to get used to her new family and home. A sweet owner who reads about the breed, who wants to discover the world with her, where she will not be alone for many hours every day, and gets that golden basket she so deserves. A house with a spacious garden where she can roam around is a requirement as well.

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