Name Loly
Residence Spain
Date of Birth approx. February 27th, 2019
Breed Podenco
Gender Female
Size 42 cm at withers
Character Affectionate, playful
Particularities None
Placement with children Yes
Placement with cats Unknown
Social with dogs Yes
Energy level Normal
Toilet trained Yes
Can be alone for a few hours After habituation
Sterilized Yes
Dewormed Yes

Before Loly travels to her new family, she will be fully vaccinated according to European guidelines (incl. Rabies), microchipped, and have her own EU passport. Loly will also be sterilized and tested for the 6 Mediterranean diseases. Before Loly travels, she will receive another full health check from the vet.
Her adoption fee is 395 euros and includes a safety harness, collar, and leash.

Beautiful Loly had been on the chain for a while, if she was lucky her owner would come along with stale bread. A good friend of ours would feed her when he was around on weekends. He could no longer see her suffering and asked the owner to hand over Loly to us. Because we had no place at that time, she had to stay there for another two weeks but she was taken care of by our friend. Loly had a vitamin deficiency due to the bad food she got but within a few days, her skin started to look better.
A cheerful girl who fortunately has not lost faith in man. She is enthusiastic and follows you closely.

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